war­ten auf: war­ten auf godot (Wai­t­ing for: Wai­t­ing for Godot)

a tree with distant performers

“Wai­t­ing for Godot” isn’t com­ing after all. Or not yet. The play­ers from Thea­ter Hora have to stay in their home office becau­se of Coro­na – alt­hough they would have just rehe­ar­sed Samu­el Beckett’s “Wai­t­ing for Godot” with play­ers from Neu­markt. It’s a clas­sic about the sen­se and non­sen­se of human exis­tence, in which Vla­di­mir and Estra­gon wait and Dodot does­n’t come. The pie­ce says, “Only the tree lives.”

We belie­ve that Godot is still com­ing. May­be not today. But tomor­row for sure. Or in spring. That’s why we don’t stop. We can not. That’s just as well, wai­t­ing. And: wai­t­ing is good, you can drink tea there.

As Hora play­er Robin Gil­ly says:

“I like to wait for cas­se­ro­les.
I still like to wait for my left shoe.
I am wai­t­ing for a cold soup.
I am wai­t­ing for a beau­ti­ful life.
I like to wait.
On my left ear.”

We are now experts at wai­t­ing. So ins­tead of a thea­ter per­for­mance, we invi­te you to a thea­tri­cal instal­la­ti­on, with shadows of all that was and traces of what will be when it comes.

A copro­duc­tion with Thea­ter HORA – Stif­tung Züriwerk


“The Coro­na Meta­thea­ter: this is pos­si­b­ly one of the new pan­de­mic for­mats of this fall sea­son, which will be remem­be­red later. The play about the play that could not be rea­li­zed. […] ‘Only the tree lives,’ says Wla­di­mir in Beckett’s play. Neu­markt takes this as a star­ting point for a short, light-foo­ted ‘Godot’ reflec­tion, almost without live pre­sence on sta­ge, but in the play with the actors who are ‘distant’ in a dou­ble sen­se. […] And with all the jokes cir­cling wit­hin its­elf, this ‘Godot’ sketch comes clo­ser to Beckett than many other pro­duc­tions.” Nachtkritik


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Noha Badir, Ali­re­za Bay­ram, Robin Gil­ly, Mat­thi­as Grand­jean, Lucas Mau­rer, Sascha Özlem Soydan

Pro­duc­tion Team

Con­cept & direc­tion:
Nele Jahn­ke (Thea­ter Hora)
Manu­el Gerst (Mons­ter Truck)

Sta­ge & props: manu­el gerst

Con­cept & dra­ma­tur­gy:
Julia Rei­chert

Assi­stant direc­tor: Ken­za Nessaf

Sta­ge & probs assi­stant:
Leo­nie Müller

Tech­ni­cal advi­so­ry:
Alex­an­der Buers

Sound:Rolf Lau­re­ijs

Video: Robert Meyer

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