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Sunday movies with guests

In this new seri­es of mon­th­ly film scree­nings, cura­tor and gal­le­rist Leo Lenc­sés, art scho­l­ar Andre­as Selg, and the Neu­markt each invi­te a guest from the visu­al arts, lite­ra­tu­re, music, and sci­ence to put tog­e­ther a film pro­gram that fol­lows their per­so­nal inte­rests and per­spec­ti­ves on the moving image. The pro­gram can con­sist of short films, You­tube clips or block­bus­ters and has no limi­ted dura­ti­on. Only the name of the respec­ti­ve guest is ever announced.

01.11.2020: Leif Randt
06.12.2020: Nki­si (post­po­ned / new date: TBA)
10.01.2021: Ulri­ke Ottin­ger
07.02.2021: Mar­ke­ta Uhli­ro­va
14.03.2021: Hans-Chris­ti­an Dany and Vale­rie Knoll


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idea & concept

Leo Lenc­sés, Tine Milz, Andre­as Selg and guests

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