Zärt­lich­keit 1,2,3 (Ten­der­ness 1,2,3)

Three-part seri­es on tou­ch­ing — dis­cour­se & reflection

The things we touch touch us back — in pla­ces whe­re we are deaf to them. The seri­es “Zärt­lich­keit 1,2,3” wants to tell about this speech­less­ness in order to be able to ima­gi­ne the dream of ano­t­her tou­ch­ing. The 13th chap­ter of the 1st let­ter to the Corin­thi­ans gives the terms that will gui­de this other idea of touch: Faith, Hope, Love.

Aut­hors Sen­thu­ran Varat­ha­ra­jah and Fabi­an Saul dis­cuss the­se topics in front of guests in this three-part series.

glau­be: so bin ich nichts. (belie­ve: so I am nothing)

hoff­nung: sei­en es spra­chen, sie wer­den auf­hö­ren. (hope: be it lan­guages, they will stop)

lie­be: wie auch ich erkannt wor­den bin. (love: as I too have been recognized)

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by and with:

Sen­thu­ran Varat­ha­ra­jah and Fabi­an Saul

Con­cept: Sen­thu­ran Varat­ha­ra­jah, Fabi­an Saul

dra­ma­tur­gi­cal accom­p­animent: Tine milz

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