Who actual­ly wat­ches all the thea­trics? Die Voyeure!

DIE VOY­EU­RE [THE VOY­EURS] will be on the road again during the thea­ter sea­son 2021/2022. The group is open to all young per­sons bet­ween the ages of 15 and 25 who do not per­form in the thea­ter but watch and want to cri­ti­cal­ly exchan­ge ide­as about what they have seen. The­re is also much to expe­ri­ence back­stage: whe­ther at Gess­ne­ral­lee, Fabrik­thea­ter, Schau­spiel­haus, Thea­ter Win­kel­wie­se, Tanz­haus, Thea­ter Neu­markt, Maxim Thea­ter, Thea­ter am Gleis, Thea­ter Sta­del­ho­fen, Thea­ter Tici­no, Sogar Thea­ter or Thea­ter Win­ter­thur, DIE VOY­EU­RE meet every Thurs­day evening to watch a pie­ce tog­e­ther and the­re­fo­re pro­bab­ly see more thea­ter and dance than anyo­ne ever befo­re. But it’s not just about loo­king, it’s also about dis­cus­sion and critique.

What is my sta­te of mind when I go out for an evening at the thea­ter? When I lea­ve am I dif­fe­rent? What enga­ges me about it? What does­n’t? Which kind of cul­tu­re of dis­cus­sion and exchan­ge pro­vi­des me with the most fruit­ful ans­wers to my ques­ti­ons? Why do con­tem­pora­ry dan­cers often cont­ort their bodies? Why does what I’m see­ing right now bore me? Am I enti­t­led to rate some­thing as sim­ply bad? Did anyo­ne else bes­i­des me under­stand that pie­ce in this way? DIE VOY­EU­RE con­front what is pre­sen­ted on sta­ge and at the same time widen their own mind­sets. They regu­lar­ly invi­te thea­ter and dance pro­fes­sio­nals or other experts to respond to the group’s obser­va­tions, sharing and dis­cus­sing their counter-positions.

The aim of DIE VOY­EU­RE is to acqui­re the broa­dest pos­si­ble insight into the ent­i­re land­s­cape of thea­ter and dance in Zurich, to explo­re the con­tem­pora­ry con­cept of thea­ter, and last but not least, to beco­me pro­ven experts themselves.

Start: 09. Sep­tem­ber 2021
Mee­ting Point: Wri­te an email to DIE VOY­EU­RE and you will recei­ve an invi­ta­ti­on to the next mee­ting.
Dura­ti­on: 09. Sep­tem­ber 2021 – 23. July 2022
Cost: chf 300 (inclu­ding tickets)
Regis­tra­ti­on: zuerich@dievoyeure.ch
Fur­ther Infor­ma­ti­on: www.dievoyeure.ch

DIE VOY­EU­RE Zürich is sup­por­ted by: Pro Hel­ve­tia – Swiss Arts Coun­cil // Ernst Göh­ner Stif­tung // Cul­tu­ral Affairs Office of the City of Zurich // Part­ner Thea­ters in Zurich and Winterthur