fle­shy inter­face: kırkpınar

The fes­ti­val «Fle­shy Inter­face» fea­tures caner teker‘s much acc­lai­med pie­ce:
Glis­tening bron­ze through time, or bright cis-white, fabu­lous mus­cles have always taken our breath away. Always ina­de­qua­te in the shadow of their bril­li­an­ce, the ques­ti­on isn’t so much what they do to us, but why we keep sta­ring. Fixa­ted, caner teker inserts thems­elf into the nexus of desi­re, humi­lia­ti­on, and vio­lence other­wi­se known as mas­cu­lini­ty. A self-appoin­ted impos­tor, their frau­du­lence at best con­founds, at worst con­ce­als, the bina­ry dis­tinc­tions bet­ween what is and isn’t, Euro­pean or Tur­kish, male or fema­le, gay or strai­ght: queer, as the kids the­se days call it. 

Based on the move­ments of tra­di­tio­nal Tur­kish oil wrest­ling or Yağlı Gür­eş, «Kirk­pi­nar» is both a per­for­mance and an ongo­ing rese­arch pro­ject that res­ta­ges osten­si­ble acts of aggres­si­on not only as ges­tu­res of inti­ma­cy, but also as a ritua­listic form of work.
Fol­lowing per­for­man­ces at Ring­lok­schup­pen Ruhr and tanz­haus NRW (both 2019), the cur­rent ite­ra­ti­on for Tanz­ta­ge Ber­lin expands the ear­lier cho­reo­gra­phies, while fea­turing new music by Lou Dra­go and Vale­rie Anna Zwo­bo­da.
In a makes­hift wrest­ling ring, teker and Aaron Rata­jc­zyk soft­ly sift their way through a seri­es of pre­de­ter­mi­ned pos­tu­res at a tem­po deter­mi­ned by their mus­cu­lar endu­ran­ce. Unrelen­ting, they slow­ly build a ten­si­on that knows no cli­max. But it’s hard­ly a secret that even the most vio­lent sports har­bour moments of phy­si­cal inti­ma­cy and tire­so­me labor, least of all for sports­men. Far from reve­aling what’s hid­den in plain sight, «Kirk­pi­nar» is perhaps bet­ter seen as a pro­jec­tion of the men we should pre­fer to see: all ten­der tou­ches and reci­pro­cal sup­port. More echo cham­ber than micro­scope, it con­fronts us with the con­tra­dic­tions and silen­ces of our own desi­re. Again and in other words, it asks us to ask our­sel­ves why we keep sta­ring. (Stan­ton Tay­lor) 

KON­ZEPT, PER­FOR­MANCE, CHO­REO­GRA­FIE: caner teker LIVE SOUND: Lou Dra­go PER­FOR­MANCE: Rao­ni Muz­ho Saleh SOUND DESIGN: Vale­rie Anna Zwo­bo­da KOS­TÜ­ME, STY­LING: Bil­ly Lobos & caner teker KÜNST­LE­RI­SCHE PRO­DUK­TI­ONS­LEI­TUNG: Sofie Luck­hardt FOTOS: Spy­ros Rennt


26 Sep 2020




45, 30, 15

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Fleshy Interface