Man­tras for a Club (Ver­an­stal­tung entfällt)

A star­ting point into a new seri­es of lis­tening situations

Embo­di­ment, sound and voice embrace a con­stant sta­te of tri­al and error in the­se lis­tening situa­tions. Stuck in the thea­tri­ca­li­ty of domestic and emo­tio­nal spaces, sin­ging indi­vi­du­als explo­re their sta­te of expo­sure and offer a tes­ting ground for flat­ness, arti­fi­cia­li­ty and affect. Through phy­si­cal repe­ti­ti­on and pho­ne­tics, the inti­ma­te set­ting opens an ima­gi­na­ry jour­ney and the initi­al steps into a reflec­tion on collec­ti­vi­ty, inte­rio­ri­ty and inter-subjectivity.

«Pri­ce» is artist-in-resi­dence of Arse­nic Lau­sanne and Neu­markt. This sea­son he invi­tes dif­fe­rent per­forming artists to join his pro­cess and will show twice in Lau­sanne and Zurich dif­fe­rent sequen­ces. All four showings will be different.

Con­cept and per­for­mance «PRI­CE» with Camil­le Clé­a­don Decraux, Tama­ra Alegre, Tiran Wil­lem­se Music Com­po­si­ti­on and pro­duc­tion in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Ceci­le Belie­ve, Sebas­ti­an Hir­sig, Tobi­as Koch, Modu­law, Ivan Cheng Curtain design in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Vic­tor Barragán Pro­duc­tion Con­sul­ting Eva Bue­h­ler Pro­duc­tion Rebec­ca Ammann Pro­duc­tion assi­stants Oli­via Bert­schin­ger, Pao­lo Mereu Co-Pro­du­ced by Stadt­ga­le­rie Bern, Arse­nic Lau­sanne, Neu­markt Zürich


15 Dez 2020


20:00 - 20:40


45, 30, 15




Saal Neumarkt

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