Elie Autin


Elie Autin joins the Manufacture (Lausanne) HES-SO in 2016, to follow the Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Dance with a Creation option completed in June 2019.
During their studies, Elie meets different artists and choreographers such as David Zambrano who invites them to perform a solo for the opening of his art center in Brussels (Tic Tac Art center) in 2018.
Also as a model and photo model, Elie performs and poses for different artists, which also allows them to evolve in a different environment from that of dance.

Now 23 years old and just out of the Manufacture, Elie participates in several creations and also develops his own work, notably with Tamara Alegre, Natasha Gerlach, Juliette Uzor, Nagi Gianni and others.