Juan Ferrari

Design, Video & Digital Art

If you would have to choose, love play or fight?
Fight. I’d rather fight out of love, and play while fighting rather than loving the fight.

Rather finding love and play while fighting than being centered in loving or playing.

What is it worth fighting for?
Intimacy. Fighting to destroy the belief that intimacy must be reserved for monogamous relationships. Embracing platonic intimacy, embracing vulnerability. For living the full intensity of the emotional experience of life, and weaponising it in order to become a virus inside a society that teaches us that emotions are a sign of weakness.

How do you protect yourself?
By choosing carefully the people I want to protect.

And crystals.

What was your last dream?
I was walking in a forest next to a friend, a friend who I have a big crush on. A very green forest, with tall trees that would block the sky and give a general green feeling to all my senses. We were walking towards a house, it felt like my house. He was saying that as long as we take emotionally responsible decisions it would all work out in the end. Finally we arrived, he sits with his legs crossed and starts to tell me that in India people would put tea inside their noses.

Juan Ferrari is an artist, designer, programmer and scenographer born in 1989 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He started his career between Engineering and Audiovisual, and started working with Artificial Intelligence in 2013. He furthered his studies in Art and Design at HGK University in Switzerland, and his works have already been shown in Kassel during Documenta, as well as in Italy, Brazil, Uruguay, France, United Kingdom, USA and Hong Kong.
Far from a Manichean vision of technology, he places the focus on the meaning that human subjectivity gives to digital technologies and the relationship it creates between them. In a society of accelerating technological development, his work invites us to reflect on our perception of the self and the other.
Artist of displacement and transdisciplinarity, he construct his identity from movement. Deterritorialisation is the driving force of his artistic practice and his identity, intimately linking his work and his personal history. From the inside out, in a perpetually moving flow of transformation.

Foto © Flavio Karrer