Brandy Butler


If you would have to choose: Love, play or fight?

I used to think that I am not a fighter because usually I equated fighting with violence. But in the last years as I come into a stronger sense of self, I see that in my nature is a desire to fight against the current, especially when the prize is change.

How do you protect yourself?

Netflix. Bose noise cancelling headsets. Boundaries.

The hero of your youth?

The character Hollywood from the 80-s movie “Mannequin.” He was the first black gay man (though I didn’t recognize it at the time) I ever encountered, and I was obsessed with wanting to befriend him because I thought he was so cool.

What was your last dream?

I dreamt that I was visiting my former swiss au-pair family, and was interacting with them, talking to the kids about being grown up.

What do you learn in theater?

I have learned a lot about the way that I have built certain modes for myself that make me feel strong, and are somehow also not necessarily helpful. There are other modes of performance and creation, besides strong power frau.

What do you unlearn in theater?

That I am always the best.

Does reality deserve suspiciousness?

Fuck yes. Reality is suspiscious.

Do you believe in the effectiveness of protest?

Yes and No. Effectiveness of protest for me is a lot about catching the right moment at the right time. I have seen it work and I have seen it not work.

Are you for sale?

Yes. Inquiries accepted on an individual basis.

How do you place yourself in the face of boundaries?

I love to push boundaries. Mine. Other peoples. The sweet spot in life is called “the edge of resistance.”

Do you have a demon?

I don’t think I have demons, but I do have a dark side. We all do.

What controls you?

Mostly my adhd, which is controlled by me neuro a-typical brain. I am at the whimsy of my constantly over-processing mind.

Is a revolution necessary?


Are you a) too soft b) too harsh c) too good for this world?

All three.


Brandy Butler, geboren in Reading, Pennsylvania ist eine US-amerikanische Soul-Sängerin, Performerin und Aktivistin. Seit 2003 lebt sie in Zürich und begann als Backgroundsängerin mit Musikgrössen wie The Dankners, Seven, Paulo Mendoza, Rolf Stalhofen u. v. m. zu arbeiten. Mittlerweile ist Brandy Butler eine bekannte und anerkannte Musikerin in der Schweizer Szene. Sie arbeitete u. a. mit Sophie Hunger, Erika Stucky, Sina, Stress, Steff La Cheffe und Phenomden. 2010 schloss sie mit einem MA Musik Pädagogik an der ZHdK ab. Von 2011 – 2014 verantwortete sie ein renommiertes Kindermusik Programm. 2012 nahm sie an der Castingshow «The Voice of Switzerland» teil und schied als Finalistin aus. Brandy Butler tourt seither mit verschiedenen Bands – wie etwa Chamber Soul, Dee Day Dub, Brandy Butler & The Fonxionaires und King Kora Europea ¬– durch Amerika und Afrika. Am Zürcher Schauspielhaus und den Münchner Kammerspielen wirkte sie in Theaterproduktionen in der Regie von Christopher Rüping mit. Als Musikerin, Performerin und Aktivistin ist sie in verschiedensten Kontexten und in unterschiedlichen Kollaborationen in Zürich und der Schweiz aktiv, unter anderem verantwortet sie 2019 das Format «Drag Queen Story Time» (Kosmos, Zürich/ About Us-Festival), die Konzertinstallation «Ode to the Patriarchy: an Evening of Misogynistic Song» (Kraftwerk) und initiierte die Performance des «Black Performance Lab» «We real cool».
Ab der Spielzeit 2019/20 ist festes Ensemblemitglied am Neumarkt.

Brandy Butler