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bran­dy butler


If you would have to choo­se: Love, play or fight? 

I used to think that I am not a figh­ter becau­se usual­ly I equa­ted figh­t­ing with vio­lence. But in the last years as I come into a stron­ger sen­se of self, I see that in my natu­re is a desi­re to fight against the cur­rent, espe­cial­ly when the pri­ze is change.

How do you pro­tect yourself? 

Net­flix. Bose noi­se can­cel­ling head­sets. Boundaries.

The hero of your youth?

The cha­rac­ter Hol­ly­wood from the 80‑s movie “Man­ne­quin.” He was the first black gay man (though I didn’t reco­gni­ze it at the time) I ever encoun­te­red, and I was obses­sed with wan­ting to befriend him becau­se I thought he was so cool.

What was your last dream? 

I dreamt that I was visi­t­ing my for­mer swiss au-pair fami­ly, and was inter­ac­ting with them, tal­king to the kids about being grown up.

What do you learn in theater?

I have lear­ned a lot about the way that I have built cer­tain modes for mys­elf that make me feel strong, and are somehow also not necessa­ri­ly hel­pful. The­re are other modes of per­for­mance and crea­ti­on, bes­i­des strong power frau.

What do you unlearn in theater? 

That I am always the best.

Does rea­li­ty deser­ve suspiciousness? 

Fuck yes. Rea­li­ty is suspiscious.

Do you belie­ve in the effec­ti­ve­ness of protest?

Yes and No. Effec­ti­ve­ness of pro­test for me is a lot about catching the right moment at the right time. I have seen it work and I have seen it not work.

Are you for sale? 

Yes. Inqui­ries accep­ted on an indi­vi­du­al basis.

How do you place yourself in the face of boundaries?

I love to push bounda­ries. Mine. Other peo­p­les. The sweet spot in life is cal­led “the edge of resistance.”

Do you have a demon?

I don’t think I have demons, but I do have a dark side. We all do.

What con­trols you?

Most­ly my adhd, which is con­trol­led by me neu­ro a‑typical brain. I am at the whim­sy of my con­stant­ly over-pro­ces­sing mind.

Is a revo­lu­ti­on necessary? 


Are you a) too soft b) too har­sh c) too good for this world? 

All three.


Bran­dy But­ler, gebo­ren in Rea­ding, Penn­syl­va­nia ist eine US-ame­ri­ka­ni­sche Soul-Sän­ge­rin, Per­for­me­rin und Akti­vis­tin. Seit 2003 lebt sie in Zürich und begann als Back­ground­sän­ge­rin mit Musik­grös­sen wie The Dan­k­ners, Seven, Pau­lo Men­do­za, Rolf Stal­ho­fen u. v. m. zu arbei­ten. Mitt­ler­wei­le ist Bran­dy But­ler eine bekann­te und aner­kann­te Musi­ke­rin in der Schwei­zer Sze­ne. Sie arbei­te­te u. a. mit Sophie Hun­ger, Eri­ka Stu­cky, Sina, Stress, Steff La Chef­fe und Phe­nom­den. 2010 schloss sie mit einem MA Musik Päd­ago­gik an der ZHdK ab. Von 2011 bis 2014 ver­ant­wor­te­te sie ein renom­mier­tes Kin­der­mu­sik Pro­gramm. 2012 nahm sie an der Cas­ting­show «The Voice of Switz­er­land» teil und schied als Fina­lis­tin aus. Bran­dy But­ler tourt seit­her mit ver­schie­de­nen Bands – wie etwa Cham­ber Soul, Dee Day Dub, Bran­dy But­ler & The Fonxion­aires und King Kora Euro­pea ¬– durch Ame­ri­ka und Afri­ka. Am Zür­cher Schau­spiel­haus und den Münch­ner Kam­mer­spie­len wirk­te sie in Thea­ter­pro­duk­tio­nen in der Regie von Chris­to­pher Rüping mit. Als Musi­ke­rin, Per­for­me­rin und Akti­vis­tin ist sie in ver­schie­dens­ten Kon­tex­ten und in unter­schied­li­chen Kol­la­bo­ra­tio­nen in Zürich und der Schweiz aktiv, unter ande­rem ver­ant­wor­tet sie 2019 das For­mat «Drag Queen Sto­ry Time» (Kos­mos, Zürich/ About Us-Fes­ti­val), die Kon­zert­in­stal­la­ti­on «Ode to the Patri­ar­chy: an Evening of Miso­gy­nistic Song» (Kraft­werk) und initi­ier­te die Per­for­mance des «Black Per­for­mance Lab» «We real cool». Seit der Spiel­zeit 2019/20 ist fes­tes Ensem­ble­mit­glied am Neumarkt.

Foto © Fla­vio Karrer