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Célia Lut­an­gu

Sce­no­gra­phy & kollaborateur*in


Célia Lut­an­gu is a Swiss cura­tor and pro­mo­tor with values. Cur­r­ent­ly based in Brussels, she co-orga­ni­ses two event pro­jects: Lea­ving Dako­ta and Bledar­te. With the first, tog­e­ther with See­lik Mut­ti, they encou­ra­ge artis­tic exchan­ge bet­ween local artists and art collec­ti­ves based out­side of Bel­gi­um that they invi­te through exhi­bi­ti­ons, par­ties, talks, pro­jec­tion or work­shops. Bledar­te is a non-mixed collec­ti­ve of racia­li­sed women based in Brussels. Célia and her sis­ters aim to offer space for thin­ker, artists and club­bers descen­dant of immi­grants. They are also acti­ve against poli­ce bru­ta­li­ties and any opres­si­ons non-white youth can face in Bel­gi­um. In June 2018 and then in Sep­tem­ber 2019 they orga­nis­ed a two-day fes­ti­val that pro­ved to be a gre­at suc­cess. Célia is also know under the dj name of Wut­an­gu, when she’s spin­ning tracks as a dj around Euro­pe or for the artist Jardin.