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ibra­him nehme

publis­her & author

If you would have to choo­se: Love play or fight? 

Love. Becau­se love knows how to play. And love always wins.

How do you pro­tect yourself? 

From what exactly?

Do you belie­ve in the effec­ti­ve­ness of pro­test?
I belie­ve in the effec­ti­ve­ness of non-vio­lent protest.

What are you devo­ted for?
My prac­ti­ce.

What was the best pre­sent that you got from someo­ne or you gave to someo­ne?
A mas­sa­ge.

Did rea­son ever disap­point you?
 Only when I expec­ted an awful lot from it.

The hero of your youth?
Me today, twen­ty years from now.

Are you a) too soft b) too har­sh c) too good for this world?
It depends on who you ask.


Ibra­him Neh­me is a creator, cura­tor, and wri­ter based in Bei­rut. His work is a cross-pol­li­na­ti­on bet­ween jour­na­lism, acti­vism, and artis­tic expres­si­on. He is inte­res­ted in pro­du­cing and dis­se­mi­na­ting media that hel­ps in rai­sing the fre­quen­cy of the collec­ti­ve con­scious­ness. He is also inte­res­ted in buil­ding the right media chan­nels that reach the right peop­le and crea­te the right impact.

In 2012 he co-foun­ded “The Out­post” maga­zi­ne with the inten­ti­on of pro­du­cing and pre­sen­ting a new nar­ra­ti­ve on and from the Arab regi­on. Self-descri­bed as ‘a maga­zi­ne of pos­si­bi­li­ties’, “The Out­post” was high­ly com­men­ded and reco­gni­zed around the world. “The Guar­di­an” cal­led it “a suc­ces­sor to the Eco­no­mist” and wro­te that is “a remin­der of the power of the ima­gi­na­ti­on to shift per­spec­ti­ves”. It won the Sub­scri­bers‘ Choice Award at the Stack Awards 2015 and Maga­zi­ne of the Year at the Mag­pi­le Awards in 2014.

The Out­post stop­ped publi­shing its prin­ted edi­ti­on in 2016 and Ibra­him spent the next three years rese­ar­ching the rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween cul­tu­ral out­put and social impact. This expe­ri­ence sub­se­quent­ly led to the birth of Radio Man­si­on in Bei­rut and “The Out­post” café in Amman. During this time, he also hel­ped con­cei­ve of ‘a Dance Mag’, a maga­zi­ne about dance in all its forms and flows, and orga­ni­zed several work­shops in crea­ti­ve wri­ting, sto­ry­tel­ling, and podcasting.

He is cur­r­ent­ly working with his team on uploading all The Outpost’s prin­ted con­tent to a new digi­tal plat­form, a pro­cess which will result in the re-launch of the maga­zi­ne. In the mean­ti­me, he is plan­ting the seeds of a school of jour­na­lism as well as con­cei­ving of a live show for the thea­ter, two new pro­jects he is super exci­ted about.

Foto ©Jim­my Dabbagh