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Lydia Öst­berg Diakité

cho­reo­gra­phy, per­for­mance & kollaborateur*in


Lydia Öst­berg Dia­ki­té is an Afro Swe­dish dan­cer, cho­reo­gra­pher, cura­tor and uni­on orga­ni­zer based in Copen­ha­gen. This past years sin­ce gra­dua­ting from The Danish Natio­nal School of Per­forming Arts in 2017.  They have been working with many varia­ti­ons of prac­ti­cing, making dance, per­forming, acti­vism, com­mu­ni­ty buil­ding and crea­ting tog­e­ther with/ shout out too i.a Bambam Frost, Tama­ra Alegre, Cas­sie Augus­ta Jør­gen­sen, Cèlia Lut­an­gu, Sti­na Nyberg, Jus­tin F Ken­ne­dy,  Emi­lie Gre­ger­sen, My Wild Flag, POS­SE ‑dan­cing and rea­ding group, and The Uni­on – Cul­tu­re workers uni­on for black and peop­le of Color.