Hayat Erdo─ƒan┬®Flavio Karrer

Meli­ka Ngom­be Kolon­go (NKI­SI)

pro­du­cer, live musi­ci­an, DJ and curator


Nki­si is the pseud­onym of Meli­ka Ngom­be Kolon­go, who­se acti­vi­ties as a pro­du­cer, live musi­ci­an, DJ and cura­tor are chan­nels for an on-going inves­ti­ga­ti­on into invi­si­ble for­ces, using sound. Musi­cal­ly, this mani­fests in a cap­ti­vat­ing cross talk of Afri­can rhyth­ms, uncom­pro­mi­sing Euro­pean hard dance tro­pes, forebo­ding syn­th melo­dies and a relent­less, gal­va­ni­sing ener­gy, as harnes­sed for her incre­a­singly kine­tic live performances. 

Foto ©Curt­ly Thomas