Hayat Erdo─ƒan┬®Flavio Karrer

Mer­lin Züllig


Wel­cher Idee bist du treu? In which idea you stay devo­ted to?
Hard work even­tual­ly pays off

Mit wem unter­hältst du dich am liebs­ten? With whom to you like to talk the most?
Friends and peop­le that inspi­re me.

Wel­ches Buch liegt auf dei­nem Nacht­tisch? What books is on your bedsi­de table?
The Left Hand Of Darkness by Ursu­la K. Le Guin.

Kind oder Kat­ze? Child or pet?

Mer­lin Zül­lig ali­as Modu­law (16.01.1996), an artist, com­po­ser, and sound-desi­gner from Zurich, drawing his inspi­ra­ti­on from expe­ri­men­tal elec­tro­nic music and sound­art as well as more strai­ght for­ward pop music such as con­tem­pora­ry rap and rnb.
This reflects in his work, ran­ging from acous­ma­tic per­for­man­ces and sound- instal­la­ti­ons to his own records, pro­jects with voca­lists and sco­ring for movies.
Com­ing from stu­dies in sound­de­sign and elec­troacoustic com­po­si­ti­on, his ear for tex­tures, sonics and sound­de­sign is a com­mon deno­mi­na­tor in all of his work, see­king inno­va­ti­on through com­bi­ning refe­ren­ces from dif­fe­rent worlds.

Foto ©Fla­vio Karrer