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Nils Ama­de­us Lange


Nils Ama­de­us Lan­ge (1989 Colo­gne, Ger­ma­ny) works as an artist, per­for­mer and cho­reo­gra­pher in Zurich. After stu­dy­ing theat­re at the Hoch­schu­le der Küns­te Bern (HKB), he expan­ded his theat­re prac­ti­ce with a focus on dance and per­for­mance and deve­lo­ped nume­rous pro­jects in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with visu­al artists*.

At the cent­re of his prac­ti­ce is the body, which func­tions as a means of deco­n­struc­ting con­ven­ti­ons, social models and gen­der stereotypes.

Recent years have seen the emer­gence of not only his own work, but also various col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons. Among other works, the online seri­es and sta­ge­pie­ce „body and free­dom“ was deve­lo­ped in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Flo­ren­ti­na Holz­in­ger, Vin­cent Rie­beek, Anni­na Mach­az and Manu­el Schei­wil­ler, which pre­mie­red at Tanz­haus Zürich. (Fur­ther per­for­man­ces: ImPuls Tanz Wien, Lis­te Basel, Haus der Ber­li­ner Fest­spie­le). At the lit­hua­ni­an pavi­li­on at the Veni­ce Bien­na­le 2015, he was part of the young boy dan­cing group, a com­pa­ny with open aut­hor­s­hip. Fur­ther­mo­re, he tea­ches and gives work­shops (FHNW Basel, SNDO Ams­ter­dam, HKB Bern, ZHDK Zürich amongst others).

His works have been shown at various loca­ti­ons such as Kunst­hal­le Basel, Kunst­hal­le Zürich, Mani­fes­ta Zürich, Ujazdow­ski Cast­le Cent­re for Con­tem­po­ra- ry Art War­saw, Isti­tu­to Sviz­ze­ro Rome, Bel­ve­de­re 21 Vienna,Centre d‘Art Con­tem­porain Genè­ve, Swiss Dance Days, Zürich moves!, Gess­ne­ral­lee, Fras­ca­ti Ams­ter­dam, ZÜRICH TANZT, Ber­li­ner Fest­spie­le, Kunst­hal­le Bern, Les Urbai­nes Lau­sanne, Süd­pol Luzern, Tanz­haus Zürich und Coun­ter­Pul­se San Fran­cis­co, Caba­ret Vol­taire Zürich.

Foto ©Fla­vio Karrer