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nour sok­hon

sound artist & kollaborateur*in

Is a revo­lu­ti­on necessary? 

Yes a revo­lu­ti­on is cru­cial for chan­ge to take place!

Are you a) too soft b) too har­sh c) too good for this world? 

I am too soft for the world.

Your favou­rite word? 


For what is it worth figh­t­ing for? 



Nour Sok­hon is a Leba­ne­se artist/sound designer/ filmma­ker based in Bei­rut, Leba­non, her crea­ti­ve explo­ra­ti­ons have been in the form of sound per­for­man­ces, instal­la­ti­ons and moving images. In 2014, she achie­ved an under­gra­dua­te degree in Fine Arts from AUD and in 2017 she cul­mi­na­ted a lar­ge sca­le Mas­ters pro­ject; a docu­men­ta­ry enti­t­led “Peop­le on Sound”, during her time at the GSA in the UK. In 2019, she recei­ved the Emer­ging Artist Pri­ze at the Sur­so­ck Muse­um, for a moving image pie­ce enti­t­led “Revi­si­t­ing: Hold Your Breath”, and has recent­ly been awar­ded the Braun­schweig Pro­ject Sound Art 2020 scholarship.

Foto ©Myri­am Boulos