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quinn lati­mer

poet, cri­tic, edi­tor, kollaborateur*in

What books is on your bedsi­de table?

How to Wash a Heart by Bha­nu Kapil, Visi­ta­ti­on by Jen­ny Erpen­beck, and Slee­p­less Nights by Eliza­beth Hardwick.

Which idea you stay devo­ted to?

Love, lan­guage, and jus­ti­ce, that trio of an idea.

Are you a) too soft b) too har­sh c) too good for this world?

Too soft and too har­sh both.


Quinn Lati­mer is a Cali­for­nia-born poet, cri­tic, and edi­tor who­se work often explo­res femi­nist eco­no­mies of wri­ting, rea­ding, and image pro­duc­tion. She is the aut­hor of Like a Woman: Essays, Rea­dings, Poems (2017), Sarah Lucas: Descri­be This Distance ( 2013), Film as a Form of Wri­ting: Quinn Lati­mer Talks to Akram Zaatari(2013), and Rumo­red Ani­mals (2012). Her wri­tings and rea­dings have been fea­tured wide­ly, inclu­ding at RED­CAT, Los Ange­les; Chisenha­le Gal­le­ry, Lon­don; Wit­te de With Cen­ter for Con­tem­pora­ry Art, Rot­ter­dam; Radio Athè­nes, Athens; the Poe­try Pro­ject, New York; the Veni­ce Archi­tec­tu­re Bien­na­le; and Shar­jah Bien­ni­al 13. She is a lec­tu­rer in the Mas­ters pro­gram at Insti­tut Kunst, in Basel, whe­re, with Chus Mar­tí­nez, she also orga­ni­zes a bian­nu­al seri­es of sym­po­sia on ques­ti­ons of gen­der, power, lan­guage, and artis­tic prac­ti­ce. Lati­mer was edi­tor-in-chief of publi­ca­ti­ons for docu­men­ta 14 in Athens and Kassel.