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tere­sa vittucci

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If you would have to choo­se: Love, Play or Fight?

Fight. But of cour­se, by fight I mean: resist and know when to stop resisting.

What is it worth figh­t­ing for?

Vul­nera­bi­li­ty. Give vul­nera­bi­li­ty the space it needs. In us. In others. In natu­re. If we don’t fight for the vul­nerable space to exist, not­hing makes sense.

What was your last dream?

I dis­co­ve­r­ed that the­re was an extra room in my apart­ment that I had never noti­ced befo­re. I love that dream. Its reoccurring.

Are the­re any thin­kers that accom­pa­ny you at the moment?

Caro­lin Emcke – is an unbe­liev­a­ble obser­ver and thin­ker and never fails to touch upon the deeply human con­di­ti­on in her wri­ting (ever­y­bo­dy should read «Gegen den Hass» and «Wie wir begeh­ren», do yourself a favour and read them!).

Anne Dufour­man­tel­le – is an ama­zing mind. A phi­lo­so­pher and psy­cho­ana­lyst who spent her ent­i­re life wri­ting about risk and vul­nera­bi­li­ty and final­ly died, while saving two child­ren form drowning.

«bell hooks» – the war­mest, sof­test war­ri­or I’ve ever seen. And so many more. Also: «Lis­ten to Anthem» by Soap & Skin on the album From Gas to Solid/You Are My Friend. «Just when you wan­ted to avoid it, you alrea­dy hold it in your hand.»


Tere­sa Vit­tuc­ci lebt in Zürich und ist Cho­reo­gra­fin und Tän­ze­rin. Sie hat Abschlüs­se des Kon­ser­va­to­ri­um in Wien und sowie der Ailey School in New York, der Salz­burg Expe­ri­men­tal Aca­de­my of Dance (SEAD) sowie der Hoch­schu­le der Küns­te Bern. Sie arbei­te­te u. a. mit Nils Ama­de­us Lan­ge, Marie Caro­li­ne Homi­nal, Simo­ne Augh­ter­lo­ny, Tra­jal Har­rell, Audrey Cave­li­us, Clai­re Vivi­an­ne Sobot­t­ke und Micha­el Turin­sky. 2014/15 war sie Ensem­ble­mit­glied am Staats­thea­ter Mainz. Sie erhielt ver­schie­de­ne Sti­pen­di­en, dar­un­ter das dan­ce­WEB Sti­pen­di­um (ImPulsTanz), das Aus­lands­sti­pen­di­um des Öster­rei­chi­schen Kul­tur­mi­nis­te­ri­ums (BKA), das START­sti­pen­di­um des BKA und eine TUR­BO­re­si­den­cy am ImpulsTanz 2014 (Men­to­ren: Meg Stuart & Miguel Gui­ter­rez). Tere­sa Vit­tuc­cis Arbei­ten «U bet­ta cry» (Tanz­haus 2013), «Luncht­i­me» (brut Wien 2015) und «All Eyes on» (Zürich moves! 2017) «We Bodies» (Tanz­haus 2019) und «Hate me, Ten­der» (Tanz­haus 2019) wur­den unter ande­rem bei den Swiss Dance Days, beo image­tanz, zürich moves!, Zürich Tanzt und tan­zist sowie am Les Urbai­nes gezeigt.

Foto ©Fla­vio Karrer