The Neon Gala

TSEF Launch

The TSEF - Trans Safety Emergency Fund is on its way to become an official NGO, taking space in the spectrum of organisations that are active and prominent  when it comes to wealth redistribution and support towards Trans causes in central Europe. However, for that to happen, reaching major attention and recognition from peer institutions and like minded NGOs is mandatory. And for that, the TSEF plans to through a night not to be forgotten. 

The TSEF Gala Night will be an event where representatives of important local NGOs, Governmental Organizations, partner institutions, allies and key members of our community will have a space and time to get to know each other better and the TSEF work as an institution. The Gala is a project that envisions offering a night of fine eating and drinking, accompanied by the most delightful performances from local renowned and fresh artists of the LGBTQIA+ community, music lead by an outstanding lineup of DJs from the Swiss scene, and fun auctions that will enhance the engagement of the attending public to donate while getting acquaintance with the mission, goals and vision of the TSEF. The TSEF Board is delighted to meet you all in the Gala Night where we, with your help, will be able to launch this project that is going to help us support so many people.

We are a newly established association, and the first BIPoC and Trans-lead fund based in Switzerland focused on supporting Trans lives financially.
What unites us is our work within and for the LGBTQIA+ community in various forms. By sharing this common space, we have realized how the lack of quick and low-threshold support towards Trans/Queer bodies is, unfortunately, a pattern in Switzerland and around the world. 
We took things into our own hands by creating this fund to gather and redistribute money and support to disenfranchised people on the Trans spectrum. Our Trans siblings, and especially Trans siblings of color, are and have historically been subjects of unforeseen violence, abuse and negligence in general society and within the LGBTQIA+ community itself.
We are blessed to find ourselves in a privileged space, living in a country like Switzerland. Therefore, we feel like it is our duty to redistribute resources and empower our people. 

@transsafetyemergencyfund / @houseofbpoderosa


Partnership between TSEF - Trans Safety Emergency Fund, Theater Neumarkt and zürich moves! Forever Imbricated