Ilknurs Leckerei

A yeast cake and the story behind it

plum cake, lemon roll, florentines, nut cakes, strawberry cream cake, fluffy zebra cake, danube wave, fancy cake, hazelnut wreath, carrot cake, apple pockets, cherry buns, yeast dumplings, egg rolls, love bones, poor knights, yeast dough.
… and yeast dough is the very favorite dough of actress and artist i̇lknur bahadir. yeast dough brings back memories of childhood, the sweet smell of the soft aromatic dough seduces the palate and makes us dream and reminisce for a short time. for i̇lknur bahadir, baking and emancipation are not in tension. baking was an escape from isolation and loneliness for her – first during her childhood and growing up, now during lockdowns. the extent to which she associates baking with the act of emancipation, the act of freedom, an act of devotion and passion, she tells in the poetic personal story “i̇lknur’s delicacy”, which filmmaker lisa böffgen together with i̇lknur bahadir and neumarkt have turned into a movie. “i̇lknur’s treat” invites you to discover the touching and enchanting story at 

the neumarkt transforms its ticket office into a pop-up bakery up until the end of february and during this lockdown. first purchase a ticket in the online ticket store or at the ticket office, then redeem it for a yeast cake and the exclusive qr code for the film at the ticket office/pop-up bakery itself. no deliveries possible; as long as stocks last.

we recommend that you reserve your ticket and yeast rolls one day before, then take a lunchtime walk to the niederdorf on the selected day, and enjoy the delicacies in the afternoon in front of your screen in comfort.

neumarkt would like to thank for the kind support of pitec ag for the kneading machine and the oven unternehmen mitte in basel for the possibility of filming cover media ag for the sound recording, theater basel for the lighting and alain szerdahelyi for his support during the shooting and food styling.


İlknur Bahadir

Production Team

Konzept, Idee, Regie und Hefeteig:: İlknur Bahadir

Film: Lisa Böffgen

Dramaturgie und Konzeptmitarbeit: Tine Milz

Gestaltung Pop-up-Backstube und Logo: Simeon Meier

İlknur Bahadir

Tine Milz

Simeon Meier