Ayman Nahle

Video & Kollaborateur*in

Ayman Nahle is a filmmaker, cinematographer, video artist based in Beirut, Lebanon. He studied Cinema and Theater at the Lebanese University Fine Art Department. Since 2007 he has worked on numerous experimental, documentary and fiction short films. Combining his experience in filmmaking with his interest in electronic and experimental music, his work is focused on the creation of organic film images made of little details and patterns, that translate audio signals into visual images. Archive images, found images, glitch art, generative art, audio-reactivity and abstraction are the main fields in which he operates. Fundamental to his work is belief in art as a means of political intervention and social change. This is the spirit that drives all the artistic events and works in which he has participated in as a visual artist. His passion in moving images lies in exploring the liminal space between film and video (analogue and digital) aesthetics in filmmaking and video installations. Stimulated to experiment with new materials and techniques in digital media, he has produced a form of digital art that creatively combines the material and the digital, the real and the virtual. He has created music and sound collages for his own projects as well as externally commissioned ones, combining elements of Avant-gardism, Futurism, surrealism, mythology, structuralism. He is steadily collaborating with international artists, filmmakers, collectives, music producers, creating moving images, live visuals, video installation, 3D mapping. He has presented his works and participated in talks at art spaces, biennales, cinemas and galleries, besides performing in theaters and clubs.

More information: https://vimeo.com/user6838931