Chady Abu-Nijmeh


What is your favourite game?

Chess. Because if you want to win, you have to think of nothing else but what's in front of you.

If you would not work in a theater, you'd be...

I'd work with wood. Maybe carpentry or joinery.

Who was the star you felt in love first?

Shakira... Whenever, wherever nana nana na na na na

Chady Abu-Nijmeh is a swiss-palestinian actor who was born in 1992 and graduated from the Ecole supérieure de théâtre des Teintureries in 2016. Since graduating, he has appeared in a variety of artistic projects, including classical and contemporary theatre, as well as more performative forms, under the direction of directors such as Philippe Sireuil, Gabriel Dufay, Alain Börek, Gabriel Chobaz, Michel Fidanza, Sarah Eltschinger and Gianni Schneider.
At the same time, he plays a variety of roles on television and in film, working with directors such as Nadège De Benoît Luthy, Jasmin Gordon, Tamer Ruggli, Jacob Berger, Chris Niemeyer, Lucien Monot and Romain Graf.
Alongside his work as an actor, he worked for several years as an assistant to choreographer and director Philippe Saire on a number of shows, including "Actéon", "Angels in America", "Salle des Fêtes" and "Orphelins".
He joined the POCHE/GVE ensemble in 2023.

Photo: (C) Flavio Karrer