Daphne Karstens



Daphne Karstens combines sculpture and costume to create experimental wearable sculptures, costumes, performances and installations. Her work focuses on experimentation with materials, shape and structure on and around the body. She often works with unconventional materials and combines the individual qualities of materials with shapes and structures. She wants to explore and redefine the boundaries and possibilities of costume and wearable sculpture and show the possibilities when costumes are approached as more then a garment. 

Her wearable art performance ‘PING’ has been exhibited and performed around the world (Russia, Finland, China, Taipei, United Kingdom, Netherlands) and won the silver award in costume design at the 2017 edition of 'World Stage Design' in Taipei. Recently she made a new version of this work, in collaboration with the drag artist Chelsea Boy. 

In 2022 she designed the costumes for the theatre show ‘BullyBully’ at MAAS in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), which won the ‘zilveren krekel’ being awarded as one of the most impressive youth theatre productions of that Dutch theatre season and is still touring internationally. 

She works as artist, costume designer and performance maker on different projects and works internationally with a focus on the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom where she has worked with companies like: Bonte Hond, MAAS Theater, Alluminous Light Art Festival, Floriade Expo, NUCLEUS collective, Lorraine Smith Dance, ICK Dance, Down the Rabbithole Festival and more. 


Photo: (C) Flavio Karrer