Elie Youssef


The hero of your youth?
Bruce Lee, he literally kicks asses at the same time as he is breaking stereotypes and opening up to other cultures.

Is a revolution necessary?
Fundamentally! A revolution is an act of insubordination and defiance for an authority, therefore it is what permitted people throughout history to stop “Legal” crimes from happening. It is one of the things that saves our humanity. Today revolutions are of much greater necessity than before. To be tolerant, to be an artist, to be a woman, to be black, to be Arab, to be a non-conforming individual, to be Muslim, to be a refugee/immigrant is a daily act of revolution and insubordination.

Your favourite curse word?

If you could own one piece of art, which one would you choose?
Modigliani — Portrait Of Jeanne Hebuterne On Red Chair

What books are on your bedside table?
“Orientalism” by Edward Saiid. “Antonioni / A Collection of interviews”.

Elie Youssef is an actor, writer and stage director. He is a graduate of the Lebanese University- institute of fine arts. He attended many workshops in acting and character work, pantomime, biomechanics and group chemistry, and participated as an actor in over 30 professional plays. He also co-wrote and directed 4 plays for the theater.
Elie is a published author of the theater play “Shesh Besh” which he co-wrote along with Fouad Yammine and Marielise Aad.