Stanislav Iordanov


How do you protect yourself?


What do you learn primarly in theater?

I'm sceptical about theatre

What do you unlearn primarly in theater?

life is a performance

How do you relate do plants, animals and algorithms?

snog, marry, avoid

Do you believe in the effectiveness of protest?

i need to believe

Are you for sale?


Is a revolution necessary?

yes, asap

Are you a) too soft b) too harsh c) too good for this world?

too brief

What is time?



Stanislav Iordanov is a visual artist, musician and performer based in London. He has recently shown work or performed at Pipeline Projects, London (2023), SKF/Konstnärshuset, Stockholm (2023), Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich (2023), Podium/K4, Oslo (2023), Ballhaus Ost, Berlin (2023), Fleetstreet Theater, Hamburg (2023), Kunstverein München (2022) and Leech, London (2022). He releases music as AJ Pain and is a contributor to ,Bruch‘-, a theatre entity, since 2021.

photo: (C) Flavio Karrer